Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What an interesting Month!!!

We are half way through the ODP sessions. I like small groups. They turn to bring great competition and challenge the kids. As a coach it is very rewarding to see a player maturing with their skills. The funny part is there is not much different working with College kids and the younger ones. Obviously there is different in terms of speed and other stuff but for the most part they all struggle with certain things and it is the coaches job to identify those and help improve them.

Coastal Carolina University played in the Big South Conference this past weekend and we managed to win it. The win guaranteed a place in the NCAA Tournament. The last time coastal won it was my senior year and I was a player and 5 years later we won it again and I was a coach. Is the little things that matters. It might seem like a coincidence but there is more under the covers.

Now we will see how the boys do in the Nationals. Good luck boys.

More to follow.....