Friday, June 12, 2009


Hello Gang

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer.....what else is there to talk about. We recently just finished our tryouts. The future for the club is looking really good. About 2 yrs ago we had 6 kids, Im glad to say today we have 85 players that belong to Long Bay Soccer Club. I feel that we have been blessed with quality players more than just a huge number of players. Our mission is to develop players that will compete at a highest level that they can reach. Our coaching staff enjoy working with the kids. The small groups that we have helps us to concentrate more on individuals rather than having 50 kids in front of you.

As a club we are taking an advantage of the summer, the summer is a good time to improve on things that we will not be able to do during the regular season. This season we will start a little bit early than most clubs. We will start doing 4 days session a week. for about 6 weeks before we start training for our regular season.

Feel free to drop us a line any time with questions or comments.