Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16

The question that came to mind today as I watch Manchester United play against New Castle made me wonder. What makes a good coach? is it the experience? is it the ability to strategies? is it the players? is the number of licensing a coach has?

When I watch the New Castle coach come out of the tunnel at second half, made me realize it is a combination of the above. It is hard to come full circle if most of the above are not met. So the question then that follows is do you need to cover all of the above in order to be successful? What happens if the players are not up to the standard, what do you do as a coach? I believe this is where the character of the coach comes into play. Off course Manchester United has better players. But I didn't think New Castle's players where not good, the way the coach used them was not the right way. He went into the game playing into Man U's hands. He did a decent job of defending but when the players won the ball he did not know what to do. Get it? I'm not saying they (Players) did not know what to do, is the coach who did not know what to do. Players play according to the coach.

I saw for about 4 times in the second half where N Castle players would win the ball but try to dribble 3 or 4 Man U defenders. Now that's just insane. You went to Man U's home and try to dribble like that. The coach should have kept the ball a little more. So know your players and plan accordingly, that's the message for today.