Saturday, December 4, 2010


This post is dedicated to the guys that are trying out this Sunday for the ODP, go Team CHINA. Let me start by congratulating you guys on a job well done. According to me y'all are winners, y'all won the most difficult part of this journey by telling yourselves that you want to tryout. You guys have conquered the fear that most guys did not. By saying you are going to tryout that means you already won half the battle as a lot of players are scared to go tryout, and for that I would like to congratulate you guys.

Now lets talk about the second battle which is the actual tryout. The best advice that anyone can give you especially during times like this is to just be yourself. You need to understand what you have and what you don't have. For example, if you are a skillful player with no speed, then stick to the basics, do skillful things and stay away from trying to out run other players with the ball, rather let the ball do the running. Another example is if you have speed but yet not skillful, use your speed to help make you standout. Stay away from trying to dribble the ball too much if you know that's not your strong hold. But I believe since you are trying out, you at least have some of these stuff that I have mentioned above. Now the key is understanding what you have and use it to better help you distinguish yourself from the rest of the players.

Control what you can control and understand that you will not be able to control other things, like say for instant how other players pass you the ball or how the coach feels about you. All you need to do is go out there and give it your best, know that by the time you leave the field you have done everything you can and you played your hardest, but smartest.

Let the rest of the things that is out of your control take care of themselves.

Go Team China

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What an interesting Month!!!

We are half way through the ODP sessions. I like small groups. They turn to bring great competition and challenge the kids. As a coach it is very rewarding to see a player maturing with their skills. The funny part is there is not much different working with College kids and the younger ones. Obviously there is different in terms of speed and other stuff but for the most part they all struggle with certain things and it is the coaches job to identify those and help improve them.

Coastal Carolina University played in the Big South Conference this past weekend and we managed to win it. The win guaranteed a place in the NCAA Tournament. The last time coastal won it was my senior year and I was a player and 5 years later we won it again and I was a coach. Is the little things that matters. It might seem like a coincidence but there is more under the covers.

Now we will see how the boys do in the Nationals. Good luck boys.

More to follow.....

Friday, October 29, 2010

First ODP Prep Session

Firstly I would like to congratulate everyone who attended the first session. Everyone worked really hard during the hour and half. Time is not on our side but as the tryouts are around the corner. Therefore we need to give it all our best during these sessions. I was very pleased with everyone today, the kids worked really hard and the wonderful part of all is the fact that they are willing to learn. As a player you can not take time of or think you know better than the other player. The important thing is to continue working on your skills and trying to perfect them. So that you will not get left behind. The secret is to continue training and perfecting those skills.

Some people are born with some skills, while as other needs to work hard to master the same skills. But even though you feel like you were born with those skills the funny part is as a player you still need to continue working to perfect them. Guys like Ronaldo and Messi they continuously try to perfect their skills, even though it looks like it is perfect.

keep the good work up and we will continue to keep working hard to try and get you ready not just for these tryouts but for the future as well.

Until next time!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ODP Training

1. ODP Training Program

Welcome to another year when young Men and Women gear up for ODP Tryouts. Skills and techniques must be nurtured as key elements of playing the game. In addition, players should be educated in the game's underlying tactics and strategies. This Program will help improve your skill and technique and get you ready for the ODP tryouts. Players across the state are taking time and working hard to prep themselves for these kinds of challenges Last year our program consisted of players from around the Grand Strand and some from North Carolina. All came together for one mission, to get excellent training to prepare them for the ODP Tryouts.

2. Duration

We will run five-week training sessions. The sessions will consist of ball handling skills, speed agility, dribbling, shooting and defending techniques and a lot of competition against other players who also will be going for the tryouts. The sessions will be an hour and Half (1h:30min) long.

3. Venue

Where: Socastee Park

When: Fridays - starting 10/29/2010

Time: 5pm – 6:30pm

4. Price

Price: $100 – Five week Program

$30 – per single session (Drop Ins)

I would like to extend an invitation to everyone in and around surrounding areas to take this opportunity to increase their chances when going to these tryouts. This year’s sessions are going to be intense, challenging and very competitive. If you got what it takes please sign up. Everyone interested is welcome.

See you out on the Field.

Method of Payment

Please make checks/money orders payable to Bethuel Maja

Mail: 350-O Commonwealth Circle

Conway, SC 29526

Coach China Maja


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Identifying the future

I try to post something at least once a month, but unfortunately last month I had so much work and not enough down time. My friends and I came up with an Idea of using our experience and talent to make a difference or giving back to the community. We started partnering with Host families to bring young soccer players to study and play soccer in the US. So far there are two players that we managed to bring. One of the players plays for the South African U17 National team.

Our goal is to Identify kids that not only show great potential with their soccer skills but also will be able to perform well in school. One of the problems that is always a recurring factor is that a lot of these young men find it hard to adjust in these new environment that they find themselves in. Thats where the host families comes into play. They help these young men adjust to their new life. We plan on not only Identifying kids from SA only but kids from within US. Help them locate University that will be beneficial in-terms of school and soccer, by providing them scholarships and a wonderful environment to grow as young men.

We have been getting a lot of requests and videos showcases. If you want more information feel free to send me a message at

Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16

The question that came to mind today as I watch Manchester United play against New Castle made me wonder. What makes a good coach? is it the experience? is it the ability to strategies? is it the players? is the number of licensing a coach has?

When I watch the New Castle coach come out of the tunnel at second half, made me realize it is a combination of the above. It is hard to come full circle if most of the above are not met. So the question then that follows is do you need to cover all of the above in order to be successful? What happens if the players are not up to the standard, what do you do as a coach? I believe this is where the character of the coach comes into play. Off course Manchester United has better players. But I didn't think New Castle's players where not good, the way the coach used them was not the right way. He went into the game playing into Man U's hands. He did a decent job of defending but when the players won the ball he did not know what to do. Get it? I'm not saying they (Players) did not know what to do, is the coach who did not know what to do. Players play according to the coach.

I saw for about 4 times in the second half where N Castle players would win the ball but try to dribble 3 or 4 Man U defenders. Now that's just insane. You went to Man U's home and try to dribble like that. The coach should have kept the ball a little more. So know your players and plan accordingly, that's the message for today.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Our Camps are around the corner and if you haven't signed up take a few minutes to visit our site and join this exciting week of learning and teaching as you play with good players around the surrounding areas in the Grand Strand.

Contact Coach China at 843.457.8247

Friday, May 14, 2010

Dear Soccer Players

Are you a soccer player? Do you enjoy learning new techniques? Do you want to improve your skill level? Do you need to improve your confidence in your game?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above then KICK-OFF SOCCER is for you. Our goal is to target young soccer players at an early age to empower them with the necessary skills and fundamentals of playing the game of soccer.

It takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become a top class athlete in any sports discipline. The simple rule in soccer is that the more touches on the ball a player gets, the better the player will be. We at Kick-Off Soccer can accelerate players learning through our individual & small group-training program. The purpose of this very specialized training program is to enable players to receive individual instruction in specific areas of the game, which would be difficult to teach in a large team environment.

For more information about doing private lessons with us go to

These one on one session have proven to be a good fit for individual players since they are tailored according to the player’s level and skill of play. Whether you are just starting to learn about the game of soccer or have been playing for a while, Kick-off soccer is worth a shot.

My goal as a coach is to create a safe environment but yet competitive, as the players will be challenged to their full ability while improving their technique, tactics and skills of manipulating their opponents in the game. The sessions are geared towards Shooting, Dribbling, Passing and Controlling of the ball. I would like to personally encourage you to try this program at least once and then judge us from there. Do not let this opportunity to improve your skill this summer pass you by. While your peers are taking summer off, be the first to take this advantage of working on some fundamentals so that when the fall comes you will be ready.

Call to reserve a place, as the sessions will be starting right after the schools are closed.

If you want to know more about Coach China, please go to to read further about the program and me.

There are special prices for the new comers starting this summer, so take advantage of these offerings. If you bring a friend, you will receive a referral discount towards your sessions for the duration of the program.

For More information about Prices and location please call



Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer Camp

Elite Soccer Camp

It is that time of the year again. When you start planning your summer and along with which soccer camps to attend. I would like to personally invite you to my Elite Soccer Camp this summer. Where you will not only have FUN, but also be CHALLENGED, PUSHED, TESTED to fully maximize your potential and ability. Our Elite Camp is geared towards soccer players who are involved in travel soccer. It is a mixture of Premier, Challenge and Classic level players. Upon your arrival, you will be grouped according to the skill level of the players, allowing you to be Challenged, Pushed and Tested not only by the coaches but also by your peers.

For more information about our Boys/Girls Elite Soccer camp please go to


Mzansi Recreational Soccer Camp

This summer we will also be having our first Recreational Soccer Camp. This camp is ideal for children that play at the recreational level or play for school that are looking for some soccer fun and instruction at the same time. Our professional staff will not only coach the fundamentals of soccer but will teach campers the valuable lesson of teamwork.

Players will also perform daily skills challenges for the week. While this camp
is for the recreational level soccer player, the emphasis is on learning in an enjoyable environment that promotes self confidence.

For more information about our Recreational Soccer Camp please go to


Soccer Heroes Soccer Camp

Where Champions are made! Often Imitated, never duplicated; our Soccer Heroes Camp is soccer in a fun filled environment for boys and girls aged 4 to 6.

This camp is a great way to introduce young children to soccer in a short camp format of enjoyable games. This
popular program involves soccer-based activities, promotes motor skill development, aids group interaction and is an
excellent form of exercise. The emphasis is on FUN, FUN and FUN!

For more information about our Soccer heroes please go to

Any additional questions please don't hesitate to email me or call me at 843.457.8247

China Maja
Director of Soccer at LBS
Kickoff Soccer Camp