Sunday, March 15, 2009

Job Well Done

Another weekend in Columbia for a tournament. Both the U10s and U11 played two games on Saturday. Both teams played well for both of their games, the U11s won the first game 6-1, while the U10s won 5 - 1 on their second game. We pushed the ball well, making passes and making good combinations. Charles decided that he would score all the goals....hahaha. He scored 5 goals while Anthony scored another.

As a coach I was pleased with both teams performances. The U11s worked for each other, the four guys who played at the back (Ben - goalie,Bryce, Blade and Jake) did a wonderful job by covering for each other. It is funny how they understand each other. This great work continued the entire tournament. You would say that they have been playing together for years, but its only been a year with me. If I start talking about each player this would take 10 pages, but I would just summarize their performance as OUTSTANDING. Maddox worked really HARD, he is getting more aggressive every game he plays, given the fact that we was sick the whole week and missed practice. You could never tell, he was very aggressive and he understands that he needs to improve his speed of play. He made some great plays for us, that resulted in giving the 3 guys and a girl chance to score. The 5 players that played forward did a wonderful job. Guess what, each game we played we scored more than 5 goals, now that must say something about their performance. I believe everyone who played forward scored at least one goal. That is great work, a big SHOUT-OUT to (Charles, Drew, Anthony, Ben, and Callie). Ya'll did wonderful job. That was a great statement you placed for yourselves. That you are all capable of scoring goals, and the passes that you guys made we awesome. It was fun to watch on the sideline. We are slowly getting to were I could bring my stand to make hotdogs while you guys play. We will get there eventually. If you don't understand don't worry just ask your child they will explain....hahahaha.

On the other hand, the U10s won the Championship. Lets talk about how they got there. Remember when I told you guys about Bridger, guess what he scored his first tournament goal today in the Championship game. The big thing about this team is their speed of play. They move the ball so fast that makes it harder for their opponent to keep up. Even though they are small in size, they make it up by their speed. I heard during the semi-final, the other coach saying watch out for their speed. Their ball handling its great. Even though they don't have a set keeper, everyone who played in goal contributed great. From Daniel, Noah, and Cian, they all did a great job playing in there. They made some awesome saves. The guys that played defense did great work. Like the U11s the U10s covered for each other, I mean they were there to make sure that ball never goes in goal. They even gave away a penalty kick, which Daniel saved. Boomer, Sam, Cian played wonderful together. Chris, Noah, Daniel and Bridger worked really hard, these boys are so tiny and little that if you see them go against some of these boys you would feel bad but guess who comes out with a ball on a 50/50 ball, my boys. Chris had yet another great weekend, his work rate was great and I think it rubbed off to his teammates as well. Cian finished well on the semifinal game. Daniel, Bridger and Noah scored important goals for us. Because of the nature of the games being so close in goals, every goal played a big role.

Thats great work boys, very proud of both teams,

keep working hard and remember "It is only a GAME" but most of all remember to have FUN!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Well Fought win!!!

Phoenix vs Casl Hurricances (NC)

The second game of the Lady Phoenix was a well fought win. We went down one nothing in the last 15 minutes of the game. What stood out for me with our girls was they never once screamed at each other. Instead, they kept on passing the ball around and trying to be first on every ball they went after. Carmen, Nicole C, Tara and Emily did a fantastic job in defense. They pushed forward and that aloud the midfielders (Megan H, Kayla, Angela, Franny and MB), whom they all did a great job in the midfield, to pressure forward and close the spaces early.

The last 10 minutes was the high point of the game as Nicole, Megan and Caroline pushed forward and started taking shorts on goal. Nikki scored an equalizer and Megan scored the winner. I was so proud of the girls not because they only won, but because they showed some good character, by sticking together and working hard. Except for the fact that they almost gave me a heart attack. The other coach came up to me and said careful Coach you might get a heart attack...LOL. Thought that was funny.

We did not only win, but played as a team. Even for the girls that were sitting outside with me, we all cheered and screamed and laughed as we put pressure on the other team. Which I need to add that they did a great job, they not only almost gave me a heart attack they did not make it easy for our girls at all. It was a well fought win at the end.

Again great job team. Keep the good work up.