Sunday, February 22, 2009

U11 (02/21/2009

vs Columbia United 97 Boys Blue

The drive to Columbia was not that bad. We made it in time and had enough time for the boys to warm-up. As usual we did not have a sub. We previously played against this team and we won. Drew started in goal for us, at the back we had Jake, Bryce and Blaid. Maddox, Ben and Anthony played midfield. While Josh who was guest playing started as a forward. One thing I like about these boys is they can basically play anywhere. This makes my job so much easy because I feel comfortable enough to let them change position and move around the field.

We moved the ball beautifully, I mean the boys were stringing the passes, switching play. They look good. We were up one nothing the first 10 minutes of the game. We gave away three easy goal, we were 3 goals down in the first. Jake, Bryce and Blaid did well second half as they only aloud one shot at our goal. Another thing that made me proud about the three guys in defense was the way they covered for each other. They communicated well and moved the ball beautifully at the back. Blaid was consistent in winning a lot of tackles. Bryce even scored on a corner kick. While Jake had an equalizer for us in the second half.

Maddox had an awesome game, he controlled the whole midfield. He did exactly what we talked about in practice. He was holding the midfield and help distribute the ball from the left to the right, vice versa. He also helped in defending by being the first to the ball. Ben had an awesome game and he defended and attacked very well. He made some really good choices, which made him look like a star. His passing was great and he did not hold on to the ball much as he moved the ball quickly and accurately. Anthony did a great job as he was consistently running at their defense. He also managed to get us a penalty kick as he was fouled in the box. I was happy to see him take charge by wanting to take the penalty. He look more confident and happy to be out there. Josh played well for us, he worked hard, like Anthony he kept running at the defense. He kept the ball for us and that helped the midfielders in pushing up more. Drew did a great job in goal. Like any other keeper, he does not like to be scored on. The three goals were good goals, any other keeper would have had a hard time saving them. He did great when he played the second half as I pulled him out of goal to play in the midfield and forward.

What I was really happy about was to see the boys sticking to the game plan and moving the ball beautifully.

Remember "It is only a game, be creative, have FUN!!!"

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