Sunday, February 15, 2009

LBSC vs Summerville

Having played this team before, for some reason every time we play them, I feel we have a our work cut out for us. We beat them in the past, but that did not make me at ease, as the game was about to start. We played both games without substitutes, now these boys are only U10. They ran none stop, they controlled the game. Even though we struggled the first 12 minute of the first half. When Chris scored the first goal, the nerves turn down a notch. The boys started getting in their rhythm, and the rest is history. Bridger did well, he started taking players on, even though he would fall all over the place at times, again he is the youngest of them all out there. I think he will turn out to be fine young player. Sam continued his streak of great performance. He has been one solid and consistent player. When we switched to the 3-1-1 formation, the boys felt comfortable and started playing their game. Chris continued scoring goals and Daniel netted one as well. Boomer is coming around, he controlled the back and only allowed 2 shoots at the goal. Cian performed great even though I was scared cause he felt sick at one point. To me he showed great character as he played the whole game and never complained. Thats determination and dedication that these young boys have shown.

I was pleased with everyone's performance this weekend.

Great work U10. Keep up the good work. Come out prepared this week to work hard.

Coach China

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