Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Well Fought win!!!

Phoenix vs Casl Hurricances (NC)

The second game of the Lady Phoenix was a well fought win. We went down one nothing in the last 15 minutes of the game. What stood out for me with our girls was they never once screamed at each other. Instead, they kept on passing the ball around and trying to be first on every ball they went after. Carmen, Nicole C, Tara and Emily did a fantastic job in defense. They pushed forward and that aloud the midfielders (Megan H, Kayla, Angela, Franny and MB), whom they all did a great job in the midfield, to pressure forward and close the spaces early.

The last 10 minutes was the high point of the game as Nicole, Megan and Caroline pushed forward and started taking shorts on goal. Nikki scored an equalizer and Megan scored the winner. I was so proud of the girls not because they only won, but because they showed some good character, by sticking together and working hard. Except for the fact that they almost gave me a heart attack. The other coach came up to me and said careful Coach you might get a heart attack...LOL. Thought that was funny.

We did not only win, but played as a team. Even for the girls that were sitting outside with me, we all cheered and screamed and laughed as we put pressure on the other team. Which I need to add that they did a great job, they not only almost gave me a heart attack they did not make it easy for our girls at all. It was a well fought win at the end.

Again great job team. Keep the good work up.

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